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WEA Scarborough & Whitby

Just what is it like on a WEA course? Why do people like to study with us? A regular on both the Film Studies & Creative Writing Courses, Faith Young spills some beans…

I’ve always said the day you stop learning will probably be the day you die … sounds maudlin’ but since I’ve ‘undertaken’ courses with Scarborough WEA, I’ve learned lots about films, creative writing and script ideas, but perhaps more importantly I’ve learned a lot about myself.

This sounds pretentious but as we get older, we get set in our ways. We like routine. We like to know what’s for tea. And we certainly don’t like those peaky folks that disagree with us!

My Monday and Thursday evenings are my social life. As a self-employed individual, I am not the most gregarious of folks, so the WEA courses double up as my social life, which ultimately has a really…

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