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bonnie-p On Friday 8th October 23 people attended a talk by local historian and WEA tutor Brian Stone on Bonnie Prince Charlie and the ’45 at Nottingham Mechanics


As always, we ran over time as Brian answered many and varied questions from the audience.


brians-book     Brian has had a new book published:

Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Highland Army In Derby.

About the book:

On 4th December 1745, the ragged highland army of Bonnie Prince Charlie entered the elegant Georgian market town of Derby on their way to London. It was to be the high water mark of the Jacobite Rebellion. What happened there on the following day arguably determined the course of British history forever.

Brian’s book examines a much-neglected aspect of the ’45 Rebellion and explains why the Prince and his men decided to retreat to Scotland thus ensuring the failure of the rebellion and the death of the Jacobite cause. It also looks at the prospects of the rebels if they had decided to march to London and what might have happened if they had reached it. The book contains much new and unfamiliar material, particularly on the behaviour of the rebels in Derby, derived from eyewitness accounts and contemporary newspaper reports – some of it previously unpublished.

This book is a major new work on the Jacobite invasion of England and overturns previous historical assumptions about the decision of the Council of War to abandon their attempt to regain the crown for the Stuarts.