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4112535-4297390329 Many  recent studies have shown that learning something new keeps our brains active; improves our sense of health and well-being and reduces social isolation by giving us the opportunity to meet with and mix with others.

Here at WEA East Midlands, many of our students frequently tell us how much they look forward to their class each week, and that they really enjoy the social side of attending a class as much as learning their new subject.

So, Why don’t you join us and our ‘brain gym’ this autumn?

Our courses are friendly, safe and welcoming. We promise, It is nothing like being in school and we do not  assume any prior knowledge for most of our courses.


CnK9ffJWYAAO2QM  For a copy of our current brochure Tel 0115 9628400

or  download a copy here

We look forward to seeing you .. either as a new member of our WEA community or as someone returning to study something new.