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Here’s a short chocolate/confectionery related quiz to get the old brain cells working in the lull between Christmas and New Year.

All answers are named chocolate or confectionery – we’ll put you out of your misery by posting the answers tomorrow.

  1. Wise guys
  2. Refined people live here
  3. Edible fasteners
  4. The Occult perhaps?
  5. Fallen fruits
  6. 100% precious metal
  7. Pub for mothers
  8. White path
  9. Say it softly
  10. Chocolate not snow
  11. A band of stars
  12. A spread in the Highlands
  13. Happiness in a Fez
  14. Father’s painful toe
  15. Murmuring insects
  16. Small size bloomers
  17. A hole in one


*Many thanks to WEA  Beeston branch Chair Douglas MacDonald and Stapleford U3A for this quiz