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O is for …

Organiser – a course organiser works with their local WEA branches to plan the programme of courses you see in the brochure. The organiser liaises with tutors and venues to ensure that all is in place for a course to start. If you have any queries or concerns about your course or have any individual needs we should know about, contact the organiser responsible for your course. Your tutor or regional office will be able to give you contact details 0115 9628400


O is for our course:

  • (Exploring) Opera study Wagner’s Ring Circle on Wednesday afternoons at Nottingham Mechanics with tutor Anne Allcock



O is also for ….

Open Access –  our courses are open to anyone over 19 years of age, and most do not assume any prior knowledge in your chosen subject.

Visit our website or telephone 0115 9628416 for a brochure