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Yay .. .. We’ve had a letter published in the latest edition of The Beeston Express – buy a copy and read what we’ve got to say!

Actually, as well as giving a mention to our autumn course programme and this site, the letter talks about something I am really passionate about; and that is, recording your family’s history.

We’ve courses in Beeston and Nottingham to help you get started, or to help you delve deeper into your family tree see http://www.weaeastmidlands.org

But even if you are not interested in attending a  course anywhere,  please think about recording your family’s history for future generations. We only ever seem to get around to this once  those who we need to ask questions of have passed on.

So think about starting the following:

  • Find that tin of old photos and write on the  back all you can remember, when was a photo taken, where, and who are the people in the photo?
  • Buy  a notebook or create digital files and record descriptions of games you played as children, holidays, celebrations, school days – anything of your life that will fascinate the next generation – and trust me all of it will!
  • Write about local traditions, where did you meet to socialise? did you have a ‘monkey walk’ in your local area? What sweets did you eat?
  • Describe the clothes you wore – at school, during your teenage years, for important occasions
  • What job did you do? describe the processes .. your’s might be the only record of this .. are there specific words relating to what you did?  for example: my mother speaks of STOOK(e)S – (something to do with her time in the Land Army) but no longer used as a farming term.

The list of what you can record is endless and recording it need not be an onerous task, simply when a memory comes to mind or you’ve 5 minutes to spare get it recorded somewhere.

So, you can see from both my letter in the Beeston Express and this post; i have a bit of an obsession about us all our recording our pasts .. whilst it is fantastic to create a beautiful family tree with ancestors’ names and dates going back as far as you can – without what I see as ‘the leaves on the tree’ .. it won’t be of particular use to future generations (unless you want to prove a claim to the throne!) it will only be a record of names and dates. A start,  but not the complete story of you, your family, your lives.

Come on get recording the interesting stories and creating the records for the future generations – in tracing my family tree .. a question keeps cropping up, we keep wondering aloud about one particular couple .. how on earth did they meet, and more than once, and eventually marry ..  sadly we will never know!

if only photos could talk!