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Has all the recent media coverage of what’s being discovered about Pluto caught your imagination?

Would you like to know more about Astronomy but do not know where to start?

Our autumn course ASTRONOMY FOR BEGINNERS could be for you.

Taught by tutor Tahir Ahmed, here’s a brief discription of what the course is about:

We will look at the fundamentals of astronomy, with the aim of understanding how the earth came into existence, and its relationship to the local solar system, nearby stars and the universe in general.

and the topics covered in the course:

Objects in the Night Sky – constellations, the zodiac, nebulae, clusters, etc.

 How to observe the Night Sky –, binoculars, telescopes & observing with the naked eye

 A history of Astronomy – early astronomy, major advances in understanding, current day astronomy

 The Sun, Earth & Moon – day & night, seasons, tides, eclipses

  The Stars – how they were formed, and types of stars

The Solar System – planets, asteroids, meteors, & comets

 Galaxies and the Universe – life of galaxies, the Milky Way, black holes, & the Big Bang

The course runs for 7 meetings on Tuesday evenings 7pm-9pm.

It starts on the 6th of October and will be held at the Beeston Resource Centre, Middle Street Beeston, NG9 2AR (there’s a safe car park to the rear of the building and tram and bus stop at the entrance).

The cost is £53.90 or free if you are in receipt of means tested benefits.

You can enrol on line here or telephone 0115 922 2627 for more information about enrolling by post.

To get you started why not visit: http://apod.nasa.gov which publishes a new astronomy photograph every day.