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A further reason, (if you need one) to spend time watching Peregrine Falcon wecams ..

Norwixh 2    The chicks at Norwich Cathedral began to hatch today (April 28th)  http://hawkandowltrust.org   (Click on the Norwich Quick Linx box top right of screen)

Other chicks are expected during the next few days at http://hawkandowltrust.org    bath-abbey (Click on the Bath Quick Linx box top right of screen)

and of course locally   Newton Arkwright   at Nottingham Trent University

And then a few days later the Derby Peregrines should make an appeareance  here  derby cath

A summer of watching these fantastic birds develop awaits … but be warned –  be prepared for some gruesome viewing at times.

The first fledgings will be awesome.