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March 28th 2015  – new heron chick – with a face only a mother could love ….

Tim Sexton from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust welcomes the first chick to arrive at Attenborough Nature Reserve this year – a grey heron.

Despite the cold wind and rain over the last week, staff at the Attenborough Nature Reserve have spotted the first new arrivals on the reserve this year – as grey heron chicks have begun to hatch in the Tween Pond heronry.

Staff visited the heronry with a team of volunteers from the South Notts Bird Ringing Group on Thursday morning to check the progress of the nests and were delighted to find that a number of them already had young birds in – most less than a week old.

Grey herons are often the first of our resident birds to nest each spring, with courtship taking place in early February. The first clutch of eggs is laid towards the end of the month with chicks hatching 27 days later