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 ‘It is such a happiness when good people get together – and they always do.’

Mechanics Meeting

Joan (with Kitty Fisher Nottingham lace panel) Judith, and class members

Class members of the Nottingham Branch course Jane Austen’s Emma welcomed Adelaide WEA’s Joan Ting to their class on Wednesday 15th October.

In 2013  Nottingham branch  contacted WEA Adelaide to suggest a pen-pal type relationship between the two branches. As a consequence, Judith Hedley the course tutor was contacted by Joan, a member of Adelaide’s Jane Austen Society and the pair formed an online friendship which resulted in Joan’s visit to the class as she visits her daughter in Beeston.

Joan found the session ‘very interesting and stimulating’. At the end Joan was presented with a framed piece of Nottingham Lace, signed by everyone in the group and inscribed with the Austen quote from Emma ‘It is such a happiness when good people get together –and they always do’. Over a light lunch the students quizzed Joan further about her involvement with the Jane Austen Society and are now exploring the idea of setting up something similar within the WEA in the East Midlands.